Join us every summer to experience what draws generations of families and friends back year after year. Our history dates back to 1895 when a Methodist minister wanted to establish a place where all inter-denominational Christian people could come for a physical and spiritual retreat. 125 years later that idea still holds true. Services are open to the public and meal tickets are available for purchase daily.


Dear Campmeeting Family,

“This is the day that the Lord has made, I will rejoice and be glad in it”.  In the midst of the stay at home order and this pandemic, that is my mantra.  I rejoice that we live in a time that we can Facetime and Zoom with family members and friends.  We can text message, email, and connect more quickly than in ages past when we had to wait for snail mail.  Isn’t nation-wide long distance wonderful?  I remember when, not only did we not have personal cell phones, but if we were not at home, we had to find a phone booth and hope we had enough change to make the phone call!  We are so fortunate to live in a time when we can stay connected although we are apart!

On Monday, April 27, Governor Edwards extended the stay at home order citing White House Guidelines.  (You can read those guidelines at Opening Up America Again, The White House.) The data driven conditions each region or state should satisfy before proceeding to a phased opening include gating criteria be met in each of three 14-day phases.  The criteria include, but are not limited to, a 14-day downward trajectory of:  influenza-like illness, documented cases of Coronavirus, and ICU admissions. The Governor pointed out that Louisiana has not met the guidelines for Phase One.  He went on to state that three of Louisiana’s nine regions are continuing to see increases of Coronavirus cases and ICU admissions. Hence, the stay at home order for Louisiana has been extended to May, 15.

Your Board met recently to discuss the business of the camp grounds and Campmeeting 2020. The board discussed the difficulty of finding supplies for sanitizing buildings, the difficulty in purchasing groceries and supplies in bulk (especially toilet paper), and the problems with hiring staff at this late date.  A large percentage of our association members are among those considered “vulnerable” and the guidelines state that vulnerable individuals should remain at home throughout the three 14-day phases of opening the state.  After prayer and much discussion, a quorum of the board voted unanimously that it is not wise to gather for Campmeeting 2020.  The grounds are open for association members and cabin owners to visit but association buildings will not be open for use.  Although the decision is heartbreaking, the board sincerely believes it is the wise decision.

Some members of the board are exploring the possibility of a virtual Campmeeting.  The board will meet again in late May and we will provide an update on those plans.  Please contact a board member if you would like to contribute to a virtual Campmeeting.

As I “count our many blessings”, the buildings and grounds committee, along with some association members have been busy taking care of our grounds!  Noah’s Ark is gone, all association buildings have been freshly painted, and the caretaker’s cottage has been beautifully restored for future use.  If you live close enough to drive through the grounds, (I wish I did!) you and those in your household might enjoy the blessing of spending a few hours on the grounds.

Please pray for one another, the board’s work, and our beautiful camp grounds.  This pandemic will end and we will have Campmeeting again, just not this year.

Cheryl McBride, President LAC

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